The Light and the Dark

Citizens Band

Valentine 7-inch

I Accuse the Operators

Citizens Band

IACTO Cover/Poster


NEW(er)! Our second LP (2004)
The Light and the Dark
The Light and the Dark
"The Look" "The Light"

Citizens Band
The Operators' first full-length record! (2002)
Citizens Band album
"Citizens Band" "Parasite Rex"

We also have a couple of 7"s:

Our super-collectible split 7" with Ruby Lashes. (2001)
Valentine's Split 7-Inch

I Accuse the Operators
Our first EP! On clear vinyl. (2000)
I Accuse the Operators

Compound 440R Local Collections MMXII Compound 440R Local Collections 2005
"Terrible Crash" is on Local Collections 2012, and "The Look" is on Local Collections 2005--both Compound 440R compilations--and Not Dead Yet, an anniversary compilation for Handstand Command (2004) while the old chestnut "What the Mailman Doesn't Bring" is on Clouds and Balloons, a Me No Know release benefitting Doctors without Borders (2004). Our cover of The Raincoats' "In Love" is on Rebuilding the Bridge (a tribute to Wanna Buy a Bridge?, the best comp ever), put together by the Typical Girls newsgroup and Dark Beloved Cloud (2003), and The Ops' version of "Doe" is on Hellbound, a Breeders tribute CD. (2000). Finally, "Bottle" makes an appearance on the Ladyfest*East double CD (2001).
Not Dead Yet
Rebuilding the BridgeClouds and Balloons
LadyfestEast CDHellbound CD