A concept album. Some assembly required (you supply the concept).

    Astrology, mythology, teleology.

    Who doesn't love roomates?

    Everything's terribly sharp.

    What's the worst you can do?

    And cold as ice.

    Heroic mission statement.

    To the edge of the world.

    One singularity sensation.

    Oops, nothing.

    Charlie Brown on Valentine's Day.

    A horror story.

    6 long days in the desert.

    Secret signals.


    lyrics by em

    ah-oh, oh-ah
    ah-oh, oh-ah
    I will sail to

    meet the horizon
    heave to 'n' helms alee
    the trident of poseidon
    drowns out the roiling sea

    I know, you're slow
    that's okay tho
    I will wait here

    til the dead end
    I am patient
    but it's wasted

    scorpio rising
    blots out the galaxy
    from the belt of orion
    to alpha centauri


    I know your way
    that is okay
    I will wait here

    in this nowhere
    it is unfair
    but it's fate

    like the 9 heads of hydra
    we're cut off at the knee
    the sting of the sign on
    our heel of achilles


    stars meet horizon
    and set our destiny
    the scorpion poison
    our teleology

    Punch You Out PUNCH YOU OUT
    lyrics by steph, em, jen

    I didn't like you
    the first time that I met you
    You made me watch your nasty Sex Trek
    and Bakshi's Hobbit too

    thinkin about the things you do
    makes me wanna punch you out
    dirty dishes and rotten food
    makes me wanna punch you out

    yr only friends are from a chatroom
    and you let them trash the place
    slander me by blog, mouth, and zine
    you're dead to me, erased

    Thinking about the things you say
    makes me wanna punch you out
    single white female seeks dopplegang prey
    you make me wanna punch you out

    My room was in the attic
    but I could hear you roar
    who ate my peanut butter
    slam the cupboard door

    thinking about the fits you throw
    makes me want to punch you out
    angry notes and tables thrown
    make me want to punch you out

    thinking about the things you do
    makes me want to punch you out
    your overbearing, condescending attitude
    makes me want to punch you out

    lyrics by paul
    Everything's so complicated
    Your silver tongue, sharp and serrated
    Then I look in your eyes
    And when I look in your eyes

    Everything's so crystal clear
    Looking through me, your gaze severe
    And when I looked in your eyes
    I saw the daggers, the knives.

    Everybody's so frustrated.
    Sullen, angry, agitated.
    Then I look in your eyes
    And when I look in your eyes.

    Anger forming, burning fires
    Trouble, torment, razor wires
    And the barriers fail
    Face forward, out into the stinging hail.

    Everyone's so aggravated.
    Everything's so complicated.
    And when I look in your eyes
    How it cuts me inside

    lyrics by jen

    Fire Away
    You can fire away
    I'm beggin you to
    the time has come
    it's come and gone

    I asked before
    I begged for more
    but now it's time
    it's come and gone
    so do it now

    fire away (you can fire away)
    it's not that bad
    it's not the end of an age
    it's the end of an end

    out on a ledge
    out on the street
    drinks are all free
    but that's the price you pay

    the time came and went
    from where I stood
    i missed that train
    so just fire away

    da da dadada da da da (you can fire away)
    da da dadada da da da (you can fire away)
    da da dadada da da da (you can fire at me)
    is that the worst you can do? (I can fire at you)

    I thought I could care
    I thought I could play
    I ate crudité
    and dressed nice for the man

    but the hours stack up
    like dominoes
    and the minutes drag past
    like ages of stone

    fire away (you can fire away)
    please just fire away (you can fire away)
    what's the worst you could do?
    I wish you'd come through

    (Can I ask you a question?
    should we work it all through?
    are you talkin to me?)
    yeah, I'm talkin to you

    da da dadada da da da (you can fire away)
    da da dadada da da da (you can fire away)
    da da dadada da da da (you can fire at me)
    what's the worst you could do? (I can fire at you)

    Cherry Hill on a Friday night
    It's a lonely party
    it's a failed foray
    close your eyes
    and hold your breath
    this weekend's strange so just fire away
    fire away like the news of the day

    you're a liar
    you're a liar
    a liar
    a liar
    you lie and that's the truth

    lyrics by em (parenthetical lyrics by jen)

    I woke up in the night
    and froze in the lights
    with the knowledge I had
    stolen from your eyes
    and now I see both sides

    tho I am blind
    I see through your eyes
    I hit the mark

    Strapped to the bow, ripped by the tides
    and sank without a sign
    I washed up on the shore
    and hanged out to dry
    but I left all that behind

    Still I think twice
    I paid a handsome price
    I bear the mark

    (I'm one fire away
    from a conflagration
    I'm one blaze below ash
    I don't breathe anymore
    I just let in the air
    I don't care)

    I am mild like this milk
    and cold as the ice
    but I spoil in the air
    and burn by the light
    I am all this combined

    yet I am fine
    turned and mild at the same time
    I make my mark

    lyrics by em

    i am the rising tide
    with briny depths and siren cries
    i spit on the fire
    it spreads like a well-timed lie

    and i! will heed the signs! and walk the line!

    i am the mighty lion
    with shining teeth and wiry hide
    i eat your smile
    it spreads like a wildfire

    and i! will walk the line! and fight the fight!

    I am the violent night
    with sharp white stars and satellites
    i twist in the knife
    it spreads like the sky

    and i! will fight the fight! into the night!

    i am the white knight
    with iron heart and diamond eyes
    i beat back the en'my line
    it spreads like the maiden's thighs

    and i! walk through the night! into the light!

    i! will fight!

    lyrics by paul

    Stuck in place, dangerous straits
    Tossed and thrown in
    Battered and broken.
    We're so close to the rocks again.
    At the edge of the world.
    To the edge of the world...and then.

    Backed up hard, the edges sharp.
    The edges are sharp
    They'll tear us apart
    One of these days I'll fall to pieces
    A thousand shards strewn across the sands.

    Come back into our arms again.
    Forget the times that you were broken
    All of those days, I'm sorry you saw them
    Across the world, across the ocean.

    The tempest strikes, a terrible blow
    Calling your name, against the dark winds
    We're so close to the rocks again
    To the next world
    To the next world...but when?

    Against the rocks, the edges sharp.
    The edges are sharp
    They'll tear us apart
    One of these days, I will break free
    My broken past floats across the sea.

    I fell back to your arms again
    Forgetting the days that I was broken.
    All of the time at the edge of the world
    Adrift upon the roiling ocean.

    lyrics by jen

    the days laid out end to end
    they stretch to eternity
    try to see the end of time

    drawn into the certain center
    drowning in gravity
    light and me are one in time

    lyrics by jen (parenthetical lyrics by em)

    end the scene, don't mind me
    I'm just occupying space
    never did believe
    it would carry you away
    all of the time
    that you occupied my mind
    then turn and go
    like it's the end, the end of a show

    I tried fighting inside but the battle it shows (I wanted me to go...yeah it shows)
    I tried hiding my scars from your eyes but you know
    ... you know (and it cut me to the bone, all alone, I know)
    you know, you know you know you know...(I know)

    the sun always shines
    when you open up your eyes
    the fire only burns
    when you feed it with those words
    the light on the street
    is threatening to me
    so bright in the dark
    and I don't trust the light in the dark
    I don't trust the light in the dark

    you tried taking the hard way a long time ago (I called me on the phone...ah oh)
    there was no easy way out for you I suppose (and now I'm talking to the dial tone)

    but the sun only shines
    when you open up your eyes
    and your fate only turns
    when you believe your words

    you tried fighting the wrong way, a long way to go (I wanna be go, go home)
    you tried hiding your scars but now everyone knows
    ...I know (all alone, I know)
    I know, I know, I know, I know, I know... (I know)

    lyrics by paul

    It must have been your second sense
    cuz you never looked at me again
    The cold indifference, it tries
    to hide the sparkle in your eyes

    And...I'll stand...right here
    And wait...another year for your valentine
    The mailbox is empty every day
    Every Day
    I wait for the mailman to ring
    And he's not bringing Anything

    I called your name in the hall last year
    You didn't seem to hear
    I wish so hard, but it never works
    I always feel like Such a Jerk

    lyrics by jen (parenthetical lyrics by em

    Dare you to look out the window
    there in the light that you see
    look close and make out a shadow
    a map of your old miseries

    Over your head,
    all those inaudible things that I said
    Listen up tight,
    you'll hear the light

    (Ready or no
    i am ready to go
    do you get that feeling?

    Started out slow
    but now it's starting to grow
    and it sends me reeling

    I don't know
    but I really wanna go
    and are you willing to tell me
    that it's worth concealing?

    I know
    it's coming...the light)

    Left a note under your pillow
    wrote in invisible blood
    read and reread memorize it,
    see how you misunderstood

    Under your bed,
    all of those monsters are wanting you dead
    Open up wide,
    you eat the light

    (the light has shone
    and it's shown me I'm alone
    as it hits the ceiling

    then on the floor
    as you're runnin out the door
    and the paint is peeling

    All I know
    is I think I'm on my own
    and are you really gonna leave me
    are you that unfeeling?

    I know there's something...the light
    oh, oh, oh

    All I know
    is I'm really on my own
    and I'm not ready for the light yet
    and I don't think I can deal oh

    I know, oh I know...


    lyrics by paul (parenthetical lyrics by em)

    The desert sky
    it burns my eyes
    my face, my throat, my heart
    And I can't last forever
    with the devil on my shoulder

    Six long days in the desert
    I've run out of water
    I won't make it 'til morning.
    The fire is dying as the night drags on.

    I could sleep forever (hours on end hours on and)
    I want to sleep right now (hours on end hours on...)
    I can't last much longer

    lyrics by em

    o darkest of nights
    the light
    fades into night
    and I
    curse the darkness
    for the light
    o dark night